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Default True Conspiracies...

Just a place to list some "conspiracy theories" later openly acknowledged and confirmed to be historical FACT.
Just going to list a few in this post later post may have more info on various.

Operation Ajax: where the CIA orchestrated the killing of the democratically elected Iranin president Mosaddegh.

Operation Galdio: where the Cia and NATO did terrorist attacks in europe and blamed it on comunist and leftist.

MKUltra: where the gov't used LSD and other drug and techniques against citizens wills to brainwash and mind control people.

During Prohibition : some FBI agents regularly poisoned some illegal liquor with methane, formaldehyde, ammonia, arsenic, kerosene and more to make it appear that booze was in fact deadly. Many did indeed die.

Gulf war I: CIA Had a young woman Nayirah al-Sabah lie to the UN and congress about incubator babies killed by evil Iraqi soldiers.

Operation Mockingbird: CIA Funded propaganda in private media in the US and abroad. with CIA plants and friendly's in place at the major news outlets to turn public opinion in the direction it wanted/wants.

COINTELPRO: Counter Intelligence Programs, specifically those targeted at activists of almost any organization from 1956 to 1971 like MLK and Malcom X NAACP, hippes, etc. 85% of its money on attempts to subvert them. Hoover said to protect the powers that be.

Tuskegee experiments: where gov't doctors lied to men with syphilis that they were treating them but they were actually just documenting the progress of the disease.

the MAFIA: Hoover and the FBI said for decades that there was no such thing a organized crime.

Cigarette Corps and Asbestos Corps hide cancer: for decades both of those industries knew that their products caused cancer, they work in concert, and paid for false studies, did propaganda and fought regs and cajoled politicians while Americans died and they made $$$.

Iran-Contra: Secret Deals from Iran ,CIA providing drugs for money (L.A. Crack boom) to supply guns for contras under executive control.
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