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Default Re: From Bakers Who Refused to Make Cake for Lesbian Couple

Originally Posted by Surly View Post
So why is the only sin the bakers care about homosexuality? Do they sell cakes to fat people? This aint the 50's.
Now you want to place yourself as judge of the baker's religious beliefs. The baker's objection was to participating the judicially mandated gay marriage not wholesale discrimination against homosexuals.

According to the OP the lesbian couple would have been satisfied with an apology from the baker after which they would have moved on to find a willing baker. But that accomodation of religious rights was totally unacceptable to the wildly intolerant jack booted bureaucrat who insisted on a massive fine to destroy the bakers.

Where is the respect for the practice of religious freedom? Where is the objection to the Federal judiciary discarding it's traditional deference to state legislatures?
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