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Default Re: Tennessee judge denies straight couple divorce, citing gay marriage ruling

Originally Posted by loboloco View Post
Actually, the judge has a point. BY voiding state marriage law, in the case of same sex marriage, the SCOTUS has invalidated all other marriage law at the state level.
No. It hasn't.
It's sad that all over this country EVERY OTHER JUDGE GETS IT.
But this guy.

Originally Posted by Hairy Jello
Nothing like giving the middle finger from jail.

Jailed Kentucky clerk says issued marriage licenses to gay couples void | Fox News

I find it funny that libs bash this woman, claiming she should do her job, yet don't give a f*ck city officials in these sanctuary cities turn a blind f*ckin' eye to illegal immigrants and let them stay.
It's not like you're honest enough to admit it, but to some degree I appreciate your point.

On another level, state and city governments are bound to enforce state and city laws. If there is a federal law on immigration it's not their responsibility to enforce it.

It's also not their job to hinder the federal law either though.
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