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Default Re: Homegrown Extremists Tied to Deadlier Toll Than Jihadists in U.S. Since 9/11 - NY

What did I say that was hateful? Did I say hate was solely the right's problem? First I think you protest too much, so I think you do understand the right does grow their own haters, and second, damn near everything you said could be considered hateful. Maybe you should worry about the plank...
Originally Posted by 300 H and H View Post
And You think "hate" is exclusively the problem of the right? Bull sh1t...

I think hate is what drives the liberal agenda. Liberals are never happy with what is. They wake up each morn, hating yesterday, and the way things are. They "feel" like thing need to be different. The left has hated the right, and took a long term plan to infect education, the environment, with change.. to get it their way..

Now they label conservatives as "haters" when by definition conservatives liked yesterday and all the days before it.. and want to change little.

Yes when you hear 'hope and change" it was in fact derived from "hate and change" the definition of the liberal.

You claim the RWNM is to blame. Bull sh1t on that, the left wing has one just as loud as the RWNM, but as of now it is silent. Conservatives are really pissed off, and it is best they turn down their volume, as it may piss off conservatives enough to get them out to vote. Minorities don't matter if this happens.

Regards, Kirk
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