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Default Re: Supreme Court refuses to take up challenge to San Francisco gun law

Originally Posted by foundit66 View Post
If the federal government adopted legislation which mandated all gun owners store their equipment in lock boxes, are you saying you would see no 2nd amendment violation?

Note: I'm not talking about whether or not you want to see it at local or federal government implementation.
I'm talking about the people who raised that lawsuit said it was a 2nd amendment violation, and your response seems to indicate either you don't think it is a 2nd amendment violation or you think it's okay for local governments to pass laws that violate the 2nd amendment.
Of course that would be a violation.
But don't oversimplify the issue--I know you said you aren't talking about this, but the issue of local jurisdiction can't be separated from such a case as this. It's too intertwined as part of the issue. Lots of towns all over the country have local gun laws stricter within the city limits than outside the city limits. You can discharge a gun out in the county for any (non-crime) reason, but not in the city, for instance. Would I prefer this discrepancy not be there? Of course. But at least it's not nation-wide and there's a way to escape it if one wants to. It's no accident that many people who live in rural areas are gun rights advocates.
What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand???
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