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Default Re: Walmart to raise wages to $9 then $10

Originally Posted by Mellon_Collie View Post
This tread it becoming the target of my rage do to its the closest one to what I am annoyed with at the moment. Why in the hell do people whine and cry about needing a living wage in one hand and walk around with a brand new
I-Phone in the other? All you need to live is food water and shelter, not an
I-Phone 6. So if you want a living wage, try actually living with-in your means first. Oh and the first person to say something stupid like "well they have kids and need more money" you are right and they should take that damned I-Phone back to the store so they have more money.
A "living wage" as a starting wage is an oxymoron. If we made enough at the start of employment to "live" why would anyone, except the most energetic of us, try to improve their station in life.
One needs to achieve by growing to learn the job and get better at it than starting wages.

Which brings us back to why Wal-Mart is raising their starting wages. Most of their management people come from the Associate pool. It is their business model. They are finding it impossible to find good promotable material in the dregs who would show up for Minimum wage so they have put an incentive out to get better material.

It is their historical method and has resulted in about 60% of their store managers coming up from the bottom. It is also why their business model is somewhat incompatible with unionization.

My previous plant manager and current plant manager both started without HS diploma's at minimum wage. It works for those who chose it as a career path. I am hardly unique.

If you want to earn better than minimum wage, if you truly want to earn a living wage,,, there are plenty of opportunities. You can put out the cash and time and get an education, or go into minimum wage employment and get one.

Or better, go civil service. Despite lower performance expectations,,,, those guys make a fortune.
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