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Default Re: Kansas governor erases protections for LGBT state employees with executive order

Same-Sex 'Marriage' Inevitability is Myth, Not Reality -
" recent AP-GfK Poll on same-sex marriage presents to us a very different picture of this issue in America than what the elites in the liberal media, academia, government and especially Hollywood would have us believe. When asked which way the United States Supreme Court should rule on its upcoming same-sex marriage cases, the country seems to be evenly divided, 48 to 48. Wait. I thought “everyone” supported same-sex marriage. Don’t “they” tell us that only a fringe group holds on to the old idea that marriage is between one man and one woman before God in a commitment for life? Yes, but no. The same-sex marriage inevitability myth is just that, a fantasy. It is just a tool the elite use to try to discourage supporters of marriage and win the argument by default. Even when the question of support for same-sex marriage was asked apart from the Supreme Court case, not even half, only 44 percent, support it. Thirty nine opposed it, and 15 percent stayed neutral. That is hardly an “inevitability” picture. It is certainly a very different picture than what they show us on television and the laws that liberal politicians continue to ram through our legislatures.
What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand???
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