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Default Re: 'I Do Not Construe Homosexual Rights As Human Rights' Says GOP Human Rights Subco

Originally Posted by Joe Shoe View Post
Did you miss my very first sentence? (Or just dishonestly ignore it?)
"Seems to me no one has been prevented from "pursuing happiness" in this context since the days of sodomy laws."
NADA about gay marriage there.
Don't play stupid.
You introduced your comment on gay marriage much earlier.

And now you want to play stupid like that wasn't what we were talking about all along???

In fact, the very next thing you reply to is me talking about YOUR comment on gay marriage.

Originally Posted by foundit66 View Post
You keep talking about it like we're using it as a justification for marriage. The first post I busted you on you threw out this strawman crap of "If happiness for you is just a freakin' piece of paper ..."
I don't know of anybody who believe "happiness for them is just a freakin' piece of paper".
Originally Posted by Joe Shoe View Post
Well I was assuming you had to ...
That was your foolish mistake.
You made it worse when you were told that was NOT what was happening, but you persisted in your stupid assumption anyways.

The problem with you is that people will tell you that they want A because of B.
And then you will waste an ungodly amount of time trying to insist that they actually want it because of C.
And then even when people correct you and say "No. Not because of C".
You will still turn around and try to insist that they don't know their own opinions.

Originally Posted by Joe Shoe View Post
You said it should be taken up "that historical heterosexuals of why they had to set marriage up as a right in the first place." I agree.
Oh gawd you are thick.
I am not the one having the problem with this current legal marriage landscape situation.
There is nothing for ME to "take up" with them regarding how they instituted over 1,000 rights and privileges for marriage, because I do not care.
But then you STILL get confused and you think I should take it up with them because you have a problem with it.

Originally Posted by Joe Shoe View Post
And I noted elsewhere that there is no straight marriage forum. A rational person might, just might realize that may have something to do with the answer to your question.
And I noted elsewhere that there are plenty of marriage threads which you COULD comment on, but instead you fixate on gays (and that is why you solely talk about it in context of gays) so when it's about straight marriage you don't even have a comment.

The stupid part for you is that the list of rights and privileges associated with marriage GROWS over time.
But you don't care. You don't notice.
It doesn't have "gays" in the headline so you're oblivious to it.

Like I said earlier.
You're the guy who claims to want to lower TEEN PREGNANCY.
But then you only lambast BLACK teen pregnancy, revealing the true roots of your prejudice.
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