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Default Re: 'I Do Not Construe Homosexual Rights As Human Rights' Says GOP Human Rights Subco

Originally Posted by foundit66 View Post
1) That was IP's definition. Not mine.
2) The phrase is pursuit of happiness. Not just being happy, but the pursuit of happiness.
3) I could say the same of a long list of other rights. Can people be happy with their freedom of speech restricted? Can people be happy without gun ownership? Can people be happy with ___ restricted ?

Obviously people can be happy without gun ownership. So maybe we should rethink why that is included in the Bill of Rights in the first place...

Well said MC.

PURSUIT of happiness is one of the important distinction in that phrase.
And how much "liberty" can people be said to have when their government is allowed to dictate what two consenting adults do together?
Well, then why do we have contract laws, or laws requiring business licenses for otherwise legal transaction?
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