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Default Re: What's the Weather Like?

Originally Posted by Surly View Post
I just offered to drive another professor over to the lecture hall about 1/2 mile away from here. Walking to and from my car the wind made my eyes hurt. 10F and windy right now. Why, I say, why do we live in places like this?
I used to but moved a long time ago. When I went to Winona State this one Jan./Feb. it was -3F to -43F every day for a month. The 74 LTD started every day, too.

Today it's 37F (3C) & 100% humidity although it seems warmer to me. Evidently a big rain is coming in off the Pacific again. The Puyallup River is flooding up to the lower roadway but has never gone over the top of the levee to my knowledge.
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