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Default Re: Bash AWAY.............

Originally Posted by MrLiberty View Post
Am I in the minority who thinks that all this fuss about Michael Jackson is over done? For cripes sake I read one article proclaiming him the best entertainer that ever lived.

Vigils across the country for a guy who in the last eight or nine years was better known for being an accused child molester than an entertainer.

Enough already, he had his day in the sun, was a good entertainer at one time but, in the end he became nothing but a walking freak show.
You know, just on Friday I would have completely agreed with you. Then yesterday I turned on the damn radio, and there they were playing Billy Jean. I'm not gonna say it brought me to tears, but it did make me very sad. He might have been many things, but as an artist specially back when he first found success, he touched many people in different ways. I guess it is those memories that people associate with him - at least that's what it is for me. He, or his music perhaps, are representative of better times now past. I do agree with you for the most part though, .

Oh and BTW people... calling this website BASH away and then everyone agreeing with each other and throwing each other compliments seems like a pollution of the thread, .
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