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Default Re: Americans Don't Support the Republican Agenda

Originally Posted by foundit66 View Post
Let's put this in perspective.
Repubs dance around proclaiming that this validates their agenda, and I see no comment from you to them...
I put some context on the issue, and I'm the one you take fault with...


Yes. This is a discussion Forum.
And those who use excuses like you just used to avoid discussing such things are picking their own excuses...

I am not "parrotting" any "inventions" of others.
I've shown the polls. Shown my evidence.
If you don't want to talk about it, you'll use whatever excuse you feel like.

How is the original post inaccurate?
Are you employing "attack the messenger"?

You say this is a discussion forum.
Then by all means. Discuss.

It would be fascinating to see a thread where all the excuses for refusing to discuss get eliminated from the thread. We'd have a LOT of single page threads if that were to happen...

You realize you're just throwing out the "but they do it too" excuse, right?
You're documenting that Repubs are now doing what Dems have done in the past ...
... and that makes it all okay?

Regarding what Dems did in the past, I'll say the same thing.
It's habitually a vote between the lesser of two evils.
Doesn't matter if Dems win or if Repubs win. We haven't had a mandate vote (that revolved around a "mandate" on the issues) in a LONG while.

So what's your position AZRWinger?
Is it wrong when the Dems do it but right when Repubs do it?
Is it wrong when both groups do it?
Agian, you misread to your agenda. By original post I did not mean the opening post #1 but the post to which I am responding.
for instance, many posts are snarky comment that requires a simple negating response, not a tome and not a researched documentation.

And I never attack the source to make my argument. Disbelief is not an attack. And never use the they do it too excuse except to point it out as illegitimate..

As to the rest of the rant there, two words come to mind, fatuous effrontery.

Not everyone must find a link on the internet to have a cogent argument,,,,or thought. I am suggesting some who demand it are perhaps unable to think without help.

If the shoe fits............
I am going to hang a Batman Costume in my closet. .......... Just to screw with myself when I get alzheimer's.
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