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Default Re: Giant Ivanpah solar plant south of Las Vegas falls short

Sunniest Places in United States - Current Results

Sunniest Places in United States

Yuma, Arizona tops the list of places in United States with the most sun. Generally it's sunny in Yuma for 90% of the time from sunrise to sunset. In fact, with its typical 4300 sunny hours a year, Yuma achieves the world record for most recorded annual average sunshine.

Besides holding the highest annual total, Yuma gets more sunshine in each month, except for July, August and September, than any other US location.

The least brightest month there is December, when the sun still shines during 82% of daylight hours. That's a lot more than most places get in any month of the year. During the summer months, Redding, Fresno and Sacramento take over as the sunniest spots in the country.

The largest proportion of sun any place in the US averages for a month is 97% . Yuma reaches that mark in June, Fresno and Sacramento in July, and Redding in both July and August.

Places in the US with sunshine more than 75% of the time from sunrise to sunset.
% sunshine is the percentage of time between sunrise and sunset that sun reaches the earth's surface.

City ------------ % Sunshine
Yuma, Arizona------ 90
Redding California--- 88
Phoenix, Arizona----- 85
Tucson, Arizona------ 85
Las Vegas, Nevada-- 85
El Paso, Texas------- 84
Fresno, California---- 79
Reno, Nevada-------- 79
Flagstaff, Arizona---- 78
Sacramento, Ca -----78
Pueblo, Colorado----- 76
Key West, Florida---- 76
Albuquerque, NM ---- 76
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