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Default Re: Poll: Americans Want GOP Congress, Not Obama, to Set National Agenda

People in this country are so dumb they vote against their own best interest. Take the internet for example. Net neutrality is going to fail. We will all get screwed and it's the right that is going to do it to you because they are in the pockets of big corporations and you don't care. Now there will be a tiered system where the rich will control high speed internet access and your website will be slow. You must like that because you just voted for it all in the guise of getting those Dems. Same with tort reform. It will be tilted towards big business advantage and you will have a hard time getting recourse if you are a little guy going against the same big corporations. You have voted for an increase in the debt. You have voted against anything for the little guy. Tax breaks and incentives, minimum wage increase. All for the people who really need the break. But they will cut corporate tax for you because you really need that. They told you you did so they must be right. I remember the responses to Obamacare. The rights ideas were tort reform designed to bring down healthcare by making it hard to sue an insurance company. Their other plan was increased deductibles so to bring down premium payments. That was the rights healthcare plan. So whine over Obamacare until the cows come home. The right had and still has no plan until insurance companies tell them the plan. The right has no plan for the middleclass that is under employed. School costs will rise and there will be nobody working to get those school loan interest rates reduced. The right has already opposed that idea. So they really do nothing for anyone but big business. But big corporations are the gods of the right wing in America.
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