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Default Re: Sen. Ted Cruz vows aggressive new direction if GOP takes Senate

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
The President as shown by his inability and disinterest in dealing with the House will burrow deeper into rule by royal decree. Assuming Republicans control Congress it will be interesting to see if they send a series of bills to forcing Democrats to cast a vote for unpopular laws like Obamacare or they endorse creating an imperial Presidency.

Most likely establishment Republicans will simply opt for go along, get along policies not challenging the Democrats.
Sadly, this is likely with the establishment GOP. The left need not worry about those bedfellows as they have historically collaborated with them since the New deal.

However, the Establishment does need to worry about new blood rocking their comfy basket. Hence the label "extreme" is so freely used on such firebrands and Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Or frankly anyone who attempts to educate and legislate via the constitutional guidelines of our inalienable rights..

Here is what I will never understand, but it raises the point. Why do we call those who wish to limit the power of government by the word "extreme?" Why does both of the major parties, and the media, vilify those who would suggest the government relinquish back the power it has taken from the people via high taxes, mandates, and over reaching regulations?

What kind of professed freedom lovers allow a government to reduce their rights, their choices and their ability to be free in the expression of religious preference, privacy, property, persons, and the pursuit of happiness (Which by definition contemporary to our founding meant pursuit of wealth)? What is wrong with having a Senator who stands for that?
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