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Default Re: Sen. Ted Cruz vows aggressive new direction if GOP takes Senate

In the last 12 months, the senate has passed virtually nothing. Since the Senate is controlled by the Democratic leadership, how is Ted Cruz a problem?

The new direction under the GOP would be to get some things passed.

Modification of Obamacare is on the long list. But energy and tax code change are on the short list. Once the economy is actually growing on it's own, and not from digital money from the Fed, then we can, as a nation, expect the Congress to address the issues of Obamacare. And the deficit, and foreign policy, and national security, and the military shortfalls resulting for 6 years of abuse by the White House.

President Erkel can write all the EO's he wants, spend forever at the SCOTUS trying to engineer his vision of what America should become, but without Reid blocking legislations to the contrary, the Congress will simple defund the president's efforts.

It will no longer be the GOP hoping for an audience with the Pope. His majesty will have to work with the Congress or nothing on his agenda will get done.

We currently find the administration bragging about 3.4% GDP ( an inflation the result of the Fed printing money) and unemployment of 5.9%. Both lackluster numbers for which GWB would have been tarred and feathered. Let us hope we can have a Congress, and perhaps a president, more concerned about the health and wealth of the nation as a whole and not the interests of their voting base.

Or their faculty lounge buddies.
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