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Default Re: Huckabee - to leave GOP over Constitution?

Originally Posted by foundit66 View Post
Well, I guess it's official that this is an abortion thread now...

Obama and ‘Infanticide’

But hey.
Yet again, why let the facts interfere with a right-wing lie.

Quantify (with evidence) your claim of "MANY".
HOW many are we actually talking about here?

Do you understand that "going to have" implies FUTURE tense. As in they are describing what they will have IN THE FUTURE.

The actual term is "fetus" for what's in the woman when she's pregnant.
Do YOU understand that I don't give a fig what you think?

But it's interesting to watch a moderator stalk a forum member. It is Autumn foundit, time to get outside and enjoy nature before the bitter winter cold.


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