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Default Re: Hackers who hit JPMorgan attacked some nine other firms: report

Originally Posted by Jackass master View Post
It is enough to make you want to go back to cash for shopping. Seems they hit any major retailer as well as the banks. These banks and companies pushed the use of plastic and it is biting them now.
I have been using CASH except for some big ticket items. Yet all of my C.C. & debit cards have been used in the past. And they {the companies} never stop to think hey lets stop listing this as it hasn't been used in years.

Heck for my Kroger's gas Rewards one I filled out their survey I had to update my info. Pissed me off enough that I will go in tomorrow and moan & groan in their managers face.

Congress best start working and soon or this country is headed to the junk yard.

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