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Default Re: Trey Gowdy defining the role of Goverment

Originally Posted by 300 H and H View Post
Yup Salty, they are ALL on the take for the most part. Come to Congress wealthy and retire MUCH wealthier..

Regards, Kirk
Something...old age kicking in can't remember the exact thing but remember the emotion and resolve after reading it...anyway something the other day made me think I just don't want to vote party on the POTUS. I do like the senator here but gradually I might go independent at least on the top of the ticket. I do wish Independents would get a foothold. I would vote for them and help build them up if we had one running here.
but yeah was something about

but I never was a great fan of hers. I don't hate her just I dont think she really wants it and her party needs her etc...If she doesn't want it then I dont want her in there. Go help your grand baby blah blah blah
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