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Default Re: About 60,000 Syrian Kurds flee to Turkey from

Originally Posted by loboloco View Post
Then he shouldn't have volunteered. The problem is that drones and missiles just won't do the job unless we are willing to switch to nukes. While I personally would have no problem turning that area into a glassine parking lot, I also realize this would be a bad solution. It will, eventually, come down to soldiers and marines going in and digging the S.O.B.'s out. i don't especially like this solution as many of those I helped train are still rotating thru Ashcan, but I am realist enough to realize it is, sooner or later, going to come down that way.
Farm boys and lower middle class kids trying to pay for college.

yeah he shud hav picked sh*t with the chickens instead of providing for his family.

btw what is the difference in helping people who asked us to and going in now? weird priorities.
Leviticus 13:45-46
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