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Default Re: About 60,000 Syrian Kurds flee to Turkey from

Originally Posted by MrLiberty View Post
As things deteriorate on the ground obama fumbles the ball. He claims a coalition, but it is not existent. Not one of our allies are willing to do what is necessary, and the arab states have yet to commit to anything.

Not only is this becoming a big cluster****, but even a former Joint Chief said obama's plan will do nothing to stem the tide of ISIS.

‘Not a Snowball’s Chance In Hell': Former Head of Marine Corps Slams Obama’s ISIS Strategy

And to make matters worse obama has totally ignored his military advisors and has signaled to the enemy we will not put boots on the ground. The tension between the White House and his military advisors is almost unprecedented and unheard of. obama has no military experience or knowledge, but that doesn't stop him from acting like he knows everything. This is just another example of his incompetence.

Generals stand up against President Obama's ISIS strategy | Fox News
Best to stay out of the mess. We are doing enough when it isn't even our country. Sounds crass but we have helped and helped and it hasn't helped at all.
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