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Default Re: Missing Libyan Jetliners Raise Fears of Suicide Airliner Attacks on 9/11

Originally Posted by winston53660 View Post
Actually yes
Fear, paranoia, altering the lifestyle of free people, that is the intention of terrorism, to control us, by putting us in fear of them, and forcing us to make a change in the way we do business, and live our lives. The terrorists are not afraid of retaliation, have no regard for human life as we understand it, and are one of the greatest threats a free society has faced in 15-20 years. Even the long, twilight struggle of the Cold War (JFK's words), the West wasn't ever really placed in fear like this rabble from the desert has done to us.

This is, after all, America, we do things differently, usually with forethought and an eye on the consequences, and integrity for life. The terrorists don't see things that way. ISIS is a blip on the radar of the world. Eventually, the world will get around to dealing with them. They brutally killed a couple of American's, this is highly unfortunate, but it is not a reason to fear their power, number's or philosophy, particularly when we have spent 14-years straight battling them in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It also is not a reason to launch the United States military in a ground campaign to eradicate them, when there are so many other countries sitting back expecting us to do the job. Fifty plus years of American military and foreign aid to Israel, Egypt, Saudi-Arabia and a bunch of other rogue states in the Middle East, about time we collected on the debt. Somebody's else's army must march; somebody else's people(s) must be put under the gun; somebody else's safety and security must be handled by their own resources. America has seen all of the Middle East terrorism and Islamic fundamentalist movement it needs to - lets wait and see if any of our allies decide to step forth for once since World War II, and take some action to stem this threat.

They are not worth American lives, and our intelligence services, for once, should be totally on guard on 9/11, raising the threat level, closing the border to traffic for the week, and insuring we don't take another body blow like 9/11/2001. Any political administration, Democratic or Republican that ignored the significance 9/11 plays in the fanatics minds for us, would be dereliction of duty, something Washington seems prone to do quite easily these days. A military response can wait, after all, Bush, Jr.'s response to 9/11 wasn't instantaneous, it really isn't possible. But, remembering and safeguarding ourselves as a policy is hammered out to handle the sudden rise of a new fanatical Islamic terrorist group in the Middle East is essential. We will eliminate them eventually, but not at a cost of combat troops in that region of the world again....STFN
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