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Default Re: Forum Rules

From time to time, we receive complaints of threads going off topic.

So here is the official position of the staff.

Sometimes, threads go off-topic...It happens.

There are multiple reasons for this...They include...

1) A member intentionally takes the thread off-topic because they simply don't want the subject matter discussed.

2) A member finds a side-issue very important and discusses it intently

3) A member makes a comparison of the topic with a previous event, and then that event starts getting discussed.

4) A member only reads the last couple of posts and responds to them instead of what the original topic was about, increasing the distance from the OP.

Reason number one is unacceptable. It has been moderated in the past and we will continue to do so.

All other examples (and ones not mentioned) are NOT MODERABLE.

It is NOT our job to keep topics on-track, nor would we want that job. Topics can ebb and floe, and when they do naturally, there is no reason for staff to get involved from a moderation standpoint.

I understand that when a thread is started, the member who started it feels it important to keep that track straight, and may even feel personally offended when "their" thread gets sidetracked, but it is incumbant upon that member (or others) to swing the discussion back to the original reasoning. It is NOT the staff's job.
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