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Default Re: Hannity crops clip to claim Obama "decided to give 9-11 sympathizers a voice" in

I have no defense for this. Saying he was aware of some(but not directly rebuking) who believed the attack on 9/11 was 'questionable or justified' just isn't in and of itself a horrible thing. He said the killings were to be 'dealt with', but never said that those who 'question or justify' 9/11 are flat out wrong. He should be telling them that they're wrong to question or justify, not just blaming Al-Qaeda. To not do so indeed 'gives them a voice on the world stage' that he refuses to rebuke.

But let me be clear that none of you ever admit that of mainstream journalists.

Katie Couric at Princeton, anyone?

Nah, none of you will condemn her or admit mainstream media bias, will you.

****ing left wing hypocrites...
Dudes ... you're just NOT THAT MUCH ****ING SMARTER than all of us. GET OVER YOURSELVES!
-- Me, to President Obama and the rest of his self-loving amateur staff.

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