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Default Papal envoy calls for ARMED RESPONSE to defend Christians from Genocide

If a stranger who never heard of the USA showed up and asked you to explain your leadership, you can actually and literally say "Our Commander-in-Chief is a guy whose getting out-Commander'd-in-Chief by the friggin' pope."...

Papal envoy calls for ARMED RESPONSE to defend Christians from Genocide

You know a situation is bad when a pope or his envoy calls for an armed response. Pope Francis, widely appreciated as a practical and realistic man, is not just calling for a cease-fire or negotiations. Instead, he is inviting an armed response to the terrorism of the Islamic State.

Archbishop Giorgio Lingua, the Vatican's nuncio to Iraq, told Vatican Radio, "This is something that had to be done, otherwise [the Islamic State] could not be stopped."

Such a call is virtually unprecedented for a papal envoy in modern times, but our age is an extraordinary one and the Islamic State has no interest in a bargaining table. Instead, the Islamic State is bent on genocide and barbarism, ruthlessly exterminating anyone who opposes them.

On Sunday, Pope Francis said he held "dismay and disbelief" over what is happening in Iraq.

He called the Islamic State fighters terrorists and said there was a need for "a professional, well-equipped army."

"The situation is going from bad to worse," he warned.
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