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Default Re: Unintended consequences!

Originally Posted by Jackass master View Post
I take that also but was told to quit that when I take extra lasix. The problem drug is amiodorone to control heart rate. I take 10-12.5 mg. of rat poison daily also. They have me taking so many pills it takes me 1/2 hour every Friday morning to test my blood and adjust my doses and fill the pill case for the next week. Now I have to check my pulse rate 3X a day. Next I will have to do a pareto analysis to try to predict when it is going to shock me next. Up to 44 vials of blood so far this year and will probably break 50 next week.
Oh man that is a pretty tough regime. So far my regime, knock on wood, has worked for me. 7 pills aday and semi clean living. I don't even qualify for my implanted defibrillator any more. When I went in my ejection fraction was at 10% though and now it is in the 50% range

Oh yeah I don't lasik any more. But one time I got caught in the parking at the hospital when I was taking it.
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