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Default Re: Yellowstone Volcano Eruption In 2014 Feared

Originally Posted by mlurp View Post
So you have a government site which says all is normal. In this case I prefer the reality of some writers than a government that lies and hides things from it's citizens...

I also prefer the links I provided in the "natural events" thread which show earthquakes from every part of the world.

You might like to post this site in there... Just in case it might be correct.

And if you do check your link with the links already posted there to see how correct these might be.

Yet what I posted wasn't about earthquakes but how the roads are melting and wild life are moving away... Nothing which either link would make note of.
I believe I disposed of the wildlife "moving away" and the asphalt melting. But apparently, not to your satisfaction.

Snopes the validity of the "wildlife running away." Last time I checked they called it patently false. The video actually shows the Bison running TOWARDS the park.

Simple question with no ulterior motive,,,,,have you ever been to Yellowstone?

I have. The road asphalt was melting 50 years ago.

Here's a clue, Yellowstone is the lid on top of the mega caldera. It's a volcano! The whole area is dynamic. That is the unique and fasinating beauty of the place.

Common sense says to be ready to run. But I ain't packing just yet. Not unless I can get some time and go to Yellowstone again.
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