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Default Re: Republicans Have Unveiled Their 2014 Agenda: Do Nothing

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
no it doesnt count as the stupid headed teapets have still not learned you get legislation passed with the congress you have and you send bills that are a compromise and LIKELY TO GET APPROVED by the other house and not vetoed.
but they are too busy acting like spoiled children cuz they cant have everything their way.
The point is that Senator Reid will not allow the Senate to even consider an Obamacare repeal bill. Obama even threatened to veto a bill with the implementation delays he decreed. The Senate would rather do nothing than put it to a vote for crass political considerations.

Where was the great outcry for bipartisan bills when Obamacare was being ramming in under hijacked rules and by party line vote? Oh I forgot, compromise means giving Obama what he wants.
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