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Default Re: Republicans Have Unveiled Their 2014 Agenda: Do Nothing

Originally Posted by foundit66 View Post
Sure they know where to go.
1) Bash Obama. For everything. Make their base mad at him to insinuate that all they have to do is get him out and the problems of the country are resolved.

That's it.
On some "watch the world burn" level, it would be fascinating to get a Repub elected to the White House in 2016. And then watch their faces as nothing changes...

You'll notice the Repub responses on this thread don't even care that their leadership isn't doing anything. Has no plan.
Really? Has the Senate ignored 40 or 50 bills to repeal Obamacare? Oh wait that doesn't count as doing anything. Senate Republicans proposed border security-related bills but Harry Reid blocks them while Obama whines about comprehensive "reform" to create millions more Democrat voters. That is doing nothing.

Of course curbing a Federal bureaucracy that be lives itself to be a conquering Roman army is doing nothing.
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