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Default Confusion over doctor lists is costly for Obamacare enrollees in state

Frustration and legal challenges over the network of doctors and hospitals for Obamacare patients have marred an otherwise successful rollout of the federal healthcare law in California.

Limiting the number of medical providers was part of an effort by insurers to hold down premiums. But confusion over the new plans has led to unforeseen medical bills for some patients and prompted a state investigation.

More complaints are surfacing as patients start to use their new coverage bought through Covered California, the state's health insurance exchange.

"I thought I had done everything right, and it's been awful," said Jean Buchanan, 56. The Fullerton resident found herself stuck with an $8,000 bill for cancer treatment after receiving conflicting information on whether it was covered.

"How am I going to come up with that much money?"
Confusion over doctor lists is costly for Obamacare enrollees in state-Los Angeles Times

Of course this will happen more and more, and as bankruptcies rise because of high medical costs and poor insurance coverage obama will be patting himself on the back for collapsing the insurance industry and putting thousands of more people out of work.
Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.

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