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Default Re: Study: Environmentalists Have ‘Substantially Worse than Average’ Carbon Footprint

Originally Posted by rivrrat View Post
And I have posted scientific studies stating otherwise, of which there are many. Excessive CO2 kills coral reefs.

No, limestone is the building block of reef formations. More specifically - aragonite. Corals utilize CO2 to create limestone, however, too much CO2 is bad and causes coral reefs to die. Atmospheric CO2 isn't the only cause, but it is a significant one. Pollution is another, and rising water temps are another.

Not been diving on many reefs, have you? One quarter of the reefs of the world are dead with well over half significantly damaged. And in some areas, 90% of the reefs are dead. (such as Seychelles)

You mean the IPCC?

Really? Weird.

WTF does that have to do with the ocean?

You do realize that "abundant CO2" in the ocean causes it to turn green too when combined with pollution that increases nutrients, by way of causing excessive algae growth. Which kills coral reefs. Do you know anything at all about reefs?

cut and parse conversations confuse what is said. If you cannot put your arguments together with cohesiveness, not much point. I didn't come here to play pong.

That said, most studies attempt to prove an agenda,a theory. Studies by the oppositio refuting those theories are the same. Best we can do is compare the logic of each to what facts we do know.

The NIPC continues to find data faults in the IPCC science. I get data updates from both. I continue to find the NIPC logic consistant with what I observe in real life.

The IPCC from the UN continues to claim Polar ice is melting. When you present them with the satilite photos to the contrary, they change thestory to "the Trend shows it melting."

The NIPC provides the evidence and allows you your own conclusions.

The IPCC asked for money to save the world. The NIPC asks for nothing but an open mind.
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