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Default Re: Survey shows ObamaCare sending premiums rising at fastest clip in decades

Originally Posted by Harvey View Post
"There are certain regulations and certain requirements that had to be in there. And because of that it's driven up the costs of these benefits," says John DiVito of the Flexible Benefit Service Corporation, which represents hundreds of agents.Rate hikes include ten essential health benefits along with more than 20,000 pages or regulations."

THIS is ObamaCare.
well dont that just beat the mousey band poor babies have to read and abide by some regulations? I feel so sorry for them---lets play em a violin solo.

they had to abide by regulations before the season of the witch got rid of most regulations and or they got watered down in other laws (snuck in) and didn't have enough inspectors.
Russia planted stories and the GOP believed them.
That's too funnie.
The GOP is a joke.
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