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Default Re: Three Pictures in Washingtonian that Make Jay Carney Look Ridiculous

Originally Posted by cnredd View Post
The lovefest continues...

The Washingtonian decided to take its nose out Obama's butt and focus on propagandizing Obama's Minister of Propaganda himself, Jay Carney...

Any thicker and I could use that nonsense you're spouting as a very decadent cake frosting.

Originally Posted by cnredd View Post
They took this lovely picture...Not realizing that there's a nice, big, framed Soviet Red Army poster in the background...

What makes you think this administration is full of Socialists????...Just shut up!!!!...
Well the lack of socialism and socialists in the administration is a good start on why many seem to think like that.

As far as the photos go, I was more fixed on the GINORMOUS breakfast spread. Look at it. Look at the smorgasbord of a morning banquet. The photoshopped books were silly and unnecessary, and I kinda liked the Giant Jenga Tower of Doom if only to weed out the weakest of the litter, but that assortment of breakfast delectables both seal the deal on this fluff piece being puffy as f-ck and kinda makes me wish I was part of his family just for a couple of hours every Sunday morning.
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