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Default Re: Prank turns deadly

Originally Posted by Oftencold View Post
Obviously the shooter has no excuse, and must be prosecuted and punished.

All that said, I've spent a lifetime in a queer age wherein functional people are expected to take without objection or fuss, a great deal of petty abuse from what are essentially primitive tribal humans.

They vandalize our property and brag about it. We call the overworked police who will fill out a form and little else. We are intimidated in the public square by thugs in strange costumes designed to project a palpable threat of violence. The authorities tel us that this is free expression and that we must tolerate it. We are the targets of protest rallies and hateful rhetoric, often from officials. If we complain, we are loudly denounced as bigots, misers or defectives. We are taxed to support people who are comfortable as parasites and hold us in contempt. If we complain we are ridiculed as greedy and heartless.

Under these conditions people can and will and in increasing numbers, "snap."
Originally Posted by Oftencold View Post
I suppose that it's a failing of mine that I find myself unable to get as worked up about this as I should.

I've seen articles over the last few years where teenagers and young adults died trying to save others. Or fighting for their country. Or were killed in accidents while working to support their families. Or from illnesses or in accidents after having made careful arrangements for their organs to be harvested. And the Public doesn't give a carp.

Yet when some delinquent creeping about an apartment complex in the dark attacks a resident whom he is briefly surprised to find willing to defend himself gets killed, there is stage manged pubic theater to depict angst. Or when vandals hanging out with a much older man get shot for their trouble, we get this sort of story, that I'd imagine will spawn months of follow ups.

I should care more I admit it. It is entirely wrong of me not to, and I'll have to work on that. In the meantime, I'll take some small comfort in trying to remember the young who died and thereby actually made our society the poorer in doing so. Someone should.
I understand your point. I'm from a time when it just wasn't a big deal to roll someone's yard--homeowners got a laugh out of it even. Egging a car? That was a bigger deal, but nothing to shoot someone over.
Part of it is our culture--nowadays people can't assume a trespasser's intentions are violently malevolent.
What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand???
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