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Default Re: Best of the rest

They are heroes of American history whose faces adorn our dollar bills and whose names are attached to cities, universities, streets and national holidays.

But the Founding Fathers and Mothers, those people we have immortalized as cultural icons central to our nationís birth, were people, too. And, as such, they lived, loved, and misbehaved just like the rest of us mere mortals.

While doing research for my novel, "The Traitorís Wife," on Benedict and Peggy Arnold, and their attempt to end the American Revolution, I discovered that there was much more to the infamous tale than just Benedict Arnoldís decision to turn traitor. Benedict Arnold had a back story of his own, yes. But even more interesting was his wifeís back story.
8 salacious secrets about our nation's founders | Fox News

This is the perfect venue for this story. I hope you enjoy it.
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