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Default Re: White Man Shoots And Kills Black Student In Florida After Argument Over Loud Musi

Originally Posted by Mikeyy View Post
From what I heard if this guy walks I would riot. He shoots 10 times, claims it was self defense then goes to a hotel, buys a pizza and calls someone the next day???? WTF
Saw a couple clips of the trial. The dad looks like a very decent sort and it's hard to look at him during this wiping tears very dignified.
I know myself I hate loud music from cars but gee whiz. And the bullets in the back of the legs.
I dont have TV and msnbc and fox get boring (online). So I prolly watched more of it than is healthy. But I guess I'm making up for all those years I didn't watch soap operas
I hope the jury is just arguing about which guilty verdict to bring down
This guy is just mean imho.
my pilau pot and ground dat'l peppers are being shipped. Life is good.
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