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Default Re: Murder Rates Higher in States With Restrictive Concealed Carry Laws

Originally Posted by faithful_servant View Post
"Correlation does not equal causation."

It's a nice theory with some common sense backing, but lacking empirical data that makes a direct connection between the two, you're creating a connection, not actually seeing it. Show us a study where criminals openly state that the possibility of victim having gun deters them from attacking or one that shows where the number of attacks were the same, but the number of instances where a CC stopped an attacker using their weapon of choice matches the reduction in murders and you've got something. But this kind of stuff doesn't help the argument one bit. I'm a huge supporter of CC and would even back a law requiring every sane, adult who's never been convicted of a felony to be armed at all times, but arguments like this do NOTHING to back the idea that an armed populace is a more peaceful one. You have to assume that the connection is there and so far there isn't the connection based on science and not assumptions (no matter how much common sense you apply).
Also, the "state" is wayyyyy too big of a region...I'd go by city, since areas just outside of big cities can be 100% in the other direction...
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