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Default Re: Are Democrats backing the GOP into another government shutdown?

[QUOTE=saltwn;624029]This is one time I think the Democrats and Republicans should just let the chips fall where they may. If the unemployment has run out --and it was extended at least once, and I did not disagree with that due to the initial bail outs--then what they and their employer paid in is exhausted and sometimes you just gotta move up, move on or learn a hard life's lesson.[/QUOTE]

.... salty I thank you for this wisdom placed in the above words..

And salty I would have to agree as this is part of my [let's say Christmas present desire] wish that all peoples can work toward an agreement on so many issues on this panet.

And it has to start some where as a wise man once said, "a family divided will fail." Or something to this effect.

In short, you are totally correct salty. And if the Dems [Progressives/Hard Core Left] would just step aside on this issue I am sure all that is needed will get done quite quickly. Plus both parties then can see that by doing this together their poll rating would start to climb from the low it is at now.

And I would then wish not one GOP member would say a thing except we can work togather to get the peoples work done. And not a word more.

Improvise - Adapt - Over Come...

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