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Default Re: Nelson Mandella Passes away

Originally Posted by Joe Shoe View Post
Interesting. I honestly didn't know that much about Mandela, and assumed he was the imprisoned 'peaceful' figure the media has portrayed him as over the last couple of decades. After seeing your comment and doing some research, I see he was not the peaceful man I thought and prison may have been deserved. 3 Things You Didn?t (Want To) Know About Nelson Mandela - The Backbencher
Goes to show one will not get the whole picture from MSM.
Nelson Mandela is the example I gave to my children when each of them asked me why they should vote. He spent 30 years in prison as a result of his efforts to be able to vote.
Part of that time, though he had a great education, he spent as gardener to the person responsible for him being in that situation.
That takes grace.
Before Mandela, a native South African could not travel without a pass. And they were herded onto reservations some of which were lines drawn encompassing parts of several different tribes.
They were beaten and they were killed for trying to travel and to vote.
See A Dry White Season.
I remember that time and the calls for an end to Apartheid. The white Afrikaners who are dispersed throughout the world now cry for the homeland too. It could have been so different if those in power had tried to come into the light.
But it is as it is for historians to peruse. As for me, and my opinion, Mandela is one of the true heroes of my lifetime.

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