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Default Re: Hawaii Senate passes gay marriage bill

Originally Posted by foundit66 View Post
I have limited sympathy for him, but who the heck gets hired in this world with guarantees that the job won't change?

On this front, I think there could be some discretion of the "employer", but the employer is responsible for ensuring that the job gets done in an equal manner.
If the judge doesn't want to do it and there's an alternate judge that's doing the same job in another location in the same building? So be it.
If the judge doesn't want to do it and the couple has to wait until an alternate venue can be lined up, that's not acceptable.

Regardless, shouldn't judges be putting the state law above their religion?
Applying the law equally? Justice is blind?
They swore an oath to uphold the law. They didn't swear an oath to uphold the law unless it violates their religion. They didn't swear an oath to uphold the law unless it changes.

If a judge can't do a gay marriage, then isn't it also recognizable that they would conceivably bring their religion into play in other ways? For example, if they had a ruling on gays wouldn't that demonstrate a potential incapability to be impartial, with a possibility of putting their religion before the constitution?
There should be a recognition that there is a more fundamental issue at play. Any judge who from the start wants to put his religion first when it is in conflict with the state law, then that guy should never have been a judge in the first place.

Or, if we're fine with that, then if a Muslim judge wants to put his religion above the state law then I guess that's all fine and dandy too...
Pure and simple...he constitutional rights trump state laws................
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