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Default Re: Hawaii Senate passes gay marriage bill

If a judge (state official) decides he doesn't want to officiate for a gay wedding or an interracial wedding or a Jewish wedding and states "religious reasons" as his justification, then he is putting his religion above his actual job.
Might as well say that a Jewish person can claim exemption at a job that includes pork tasting.
But there's a problem with your analogy...

The Jewish person gets a job with an understanding that there will be no pork tasting whatsoever, and then, years later, pork tasting at the job becomes mandatory...

In other words, the religion exemption was never needed until AFTER the decision to take the job was established...

I wouldn't necessarily agree, but would understand if there was, at least, a grandfather law in place where PRESENT judges can be exempted...I pity the 30-year judge that spent his life as a benevolent judiciary only to be told to go f*ck himself based on his beliefs...
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