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Post Re: Hawaii Senate passes gay marriage bill

From the article:
While SB1 protects religious clergy from liability for refusing to solemnize a same sex marriage, the legislation offers no exemption to non-clergy members, such as judges, Hochberg said.
It should not offer such protection.
If a judge (state official) decides he doesn't want to officiate for a gay wedding or an interracial wedding or a Jewish wedding and states "religious reasons" as his justification, then he is putting his religion above his actual job.
Might as well say that a Jewish person can claim exemption at a job that includes pork tasting.
SB1 also fails to protect religious organizations from liability if they decline requests to use their properties for same sex celebrations, Hochberg said, because to qualify for the protection, a church must “not make its facilities or grounds available to the general public for solemnization of any marriage celebration for a profit.”
Again, this is actually as it should be.
If they use the facilities or grounds FOR A PROFIT (non-religious reasons), then they have stepped outside the bounds of their religion.
They can easily use the property SOLELY for religious reasons and have protection.

The thing that kills me about such issues is we are not re-inventing the wheel on such issues.
People have previously claimed religions reasons for being against interracial marriage. Whether or not you agree it is justified is only relevant if you agree to a standard whereby the public gets to judge your religious reasons. I really don't think people of religion want to set that precedent...
As such, have we or do we currently provided ANY of these protections for anybody who doesn't want to do other types of marriages?

Religion shouldn't get special protections for THIS issue. Same policies as established in the past should apply.
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