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Default Re: Impact of a government shutdown

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
Yes. You did.

as long as it's someone else's problem

trouble is, old girl, it was not even a generation ago. and yes it was so sorrowful I almost cried when I first thought the school lunches were cut immediately. no child in America should have to sit in a class as one of 15-18 kids who are eating that day and had breakfast while 10-15 of the rest of them are asleep at their desk dreaming of food.
as for the claim it can never b that again:
Ignore a fire and it spreads

A Spark Neglected Burns the House by Leo Tolstoy
You know, old girl... I could embellish and tell you stories of my kin, aunts and uncles who went to school in the south, but I'll stick to the simple facts of what I've been told.

No new shoes, no new frocks, but a lunch pail filled with bread..often sugar bread and an apple.
My Mother and my aunts walked to school, but they were never hungry when it came to lunch time.
There was this man who used to go to the schoolhouse they attended to pass out bottles of milk and a woman preacher who made fresh baked cookies, but Mother told me that was something that didn't happen all that often.
She always said, we were poor and we didn't know it, and we never went hungry.
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