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Default Re: Impact of a government shutdown

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
I certainly do remember kids in my own class in 1st and second grade PASSING OUT from hunger.
I certainly do remember kids fighting each other on the play ground for a place in line to be one of two children in the entire 6 grades of school carry the milk crates up for a lunch plate.
I certainly do remember kids coming to school barefoot in the winter time with rotten teeth.
I certainly do remember the days when there was no child welfare and a drunken father could impregnate his 13 year old daughter and if she ran away she got put in reform school and no one believed her story.
I don't give a good diddly damn what their parents did or whether it is because their mom is sick and dad got laid off or if both their parents are drug dealers, we will never go back to that scenario in this country as long as I have breath in my body. If I have to be a "one-man show" to deal with it, I'll appear in congress, I'll knock on their door until they hear me live on tv or send me to jail multiple times. there will be hell to pay if your kind EVER gets its way again in this country with you horse SH*T of less government being better.
Unlike you and some crying that refrain, I am not a robot that only cares about numbers and what the hey I have. Big I and little you ;that's your game,; well let me tell you one thing...I can't because although I have already cursed, what I would say now to you, is just too gory and too right on. But it won't change your attitude, so go back to your self pitying, miserable life thinking you are somebody worthy of another breath of contempt. You are not.
So why don't we just turn them over to the State to rear and be done?

Obviously you think that parents have no responsibility other than to breed, like livestock.

But yet again, if I am to be expected to feed other people's children, something that will provide me no real benefit whatsoever, that is properly charity. If it is to come about through force, no matter in the least how noble the supposed sentiment, it is robbery.

Again. We are sixteen trillion dollars in debt. We cannot afford these silly programs, which are designed wholly to create a dependent underclass which will vote as instructed. If you want the poor to be fed, then give of your own treasure, no one is stopping you. Until you've exhausted your own, you have no call on others.
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