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Default Re: Impact of a government shutdown

Originally Posted by Lollie View Post

The consequences of government shutdown:

10) Sandra Fluke will have to spend $8.95 at Walgreens.

9) Pages intentionally left blank will not have the phrase “Intentionally Left Blank” printed on them.

8) Light bulbs will remain incandescent.

7) The IRS, EPA, OSHA, NSA and TSA will no longer able to serve your needs.

6) Edgy outsider artists forced to fearlessly challenge society without society’s money.

5) Dallas police department forced to make do with only 6 tank divisions.

4) Lack of lawn mower warning stickers leads to widespread amputations, decapitations.

3) Strip club ATMs no longer accept EBT cards; results in lower income for single moms.

2) How will drug cartels get their guns now?

1) Second graders will get off scot free after chewing their sandwiches into the shape of a gun.

Never Yet Melted Consequences of a Government Shutdown
ya know...I disagree that this is a laughing matter. especially the dig about sandwiches and school lunch. I remember when that program was instituted. most states are going to decide if they go into more debt (without many other funds as well) or go on credit in a couple weeks to feed kids or go on credit to do something else essential to life.
and the sandra fluke is a decent acting human being who chose to speak up for something that some disagree with and has nothing to do with her own contraceptive care.
yeah, tawdry article at best.
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