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Default Re: Islamic Sexuality

Originally Posted by 1069 View Post
There are several different types of female circumcision; the mildest form is analogous to the male circumcision routinely practiced in the US: only the clitoral hood is removed, which is analogous to removing the male foreskin, and I do not feel we can condemn other cultures for it, whatever their reasons... not when we ourselves practice such a similar procedure on male children, without much valid medical justification.

There are several other levels of severity, however, when it comes to female circumcision; some involve the removal of the clitoris. The worst form involves removal of all external female genitalia, and sewing shut the vaginal opening, leaving only a tiny hole for urine and menstrual blood.
This form of female circumcision is illegal in most countries, and is widely practiced mainly in tribal regions of subsaharan Africa.
I feel we can safely condemn it. It's harmful and wrong.
But as for the first form that I mentioned... it is no worse than the male circumcision practiced here.
I don't think the male foreskin is as sensitive as the clitoris. A circumcision is done in infancy. Female genital mutilation is NOT done in infancy. The females remember the pain, male babies do NOT remember the pain so I would say FGM is much worse than male circumcision.
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