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Default Western black rhino officially extinct

Well with all thats happening in Africa this is just doesn't make the news very much. And now it might be to late.

Western black rhino officially extinct

William Holt.. June 27, 2013

The western black rhino has officially become extinct, reports CNN. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, which compiles an annual Red List of Threatened Species, this subspecies of the African rhinoceros was last spotted in 2006.

The two greatest threats facing the western black rhino, the report notes, have been increased poaching and a lack of conservation efforts. According to a statement released by the IUCN, rhino poaching shot up by almost 50 percent between 2011 and 2012, with nearly 2,400 killed by hunters across Africa since 2006.

“Well-organized and well-funded crime syndicates are continuing to feed the growing black market with rhino horn,” said Mike Knight, chairman of the Species Survival Commission's African Rhino Specialist Group, in the statement.

The IUCN, the world’s largest conservation network, also warned that Africa’s northern white rhino and Asia’s Javan rhino could face similar fates if preventive measures are not taken immediately.

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Western black rhino officially extinct

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