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Default Re: Study: Health law to raise claims cost 32 percent

Death panels? Really? I promised my self not ot make fun of you guys with the death panels anymore but you brought it up. UHC, which ideally ADA is leading us to, is based evidence based medicine, not fairness or whatever your other talking point are. Death panels is one of the dumbest lies the RW believes. I am really not up to discussing a health care system with someone with such simplistic ideas.
Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
What is true is that Obamacare places health care decisions in the hands of political appointees charged with "fairness" and cost reduction. Under Obamacare's principle s of fairness younger healthier people who tend to have lower incomes will pay the same premiums as older sicker folks, if we just pretend insurance underwriting doesn't exist then it will be OK. There ?is no need to fear a reduction in care because Obamacare penalizes physicians for exceeding an arbitrary and ever decreasing number of referrals to specialists or after pressuring hospitals to minimize patient stays it penalizes them for readmission.

Obamacare's big lie is that it will increase health care delivery while reducing overall costs. Insurance coverage doesn't mean delivered health care. Cost reduction is achieved by death panels following President Obama's advice that "sometimes you are better off taking the pain pills than having an operation to fix the problem." Of course for the Federal government aristocracy making these decisions these constraints do not apply.
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