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Default Re: Ridiculous Fox News Claim of the Day: Reason Caused the Holocaust

Originally Posted by Hairy Jello View Post
B*llsh*t. Giving way to something doesn't mean it's a necessary part of any freakin' chain. You're making crap up now and stretching this to hysterical proportions. That or you don't know what "gave way" means.

You can twist and defend this all you want as long as you understand Fox News never made the claim and Nance did not say reason led to the Holocaust.
She didn't say it directly; BUT (And this requires a big but), the way she phrased that sentence, and given the fact that the topic had nothing at all to do with moral relatvism or the holocaust, Nance was most certainly hitting the connection she made up out of the blue with a very large "ImplyImplyImply" hammer. I can't read her mind, yet , but given her worldview I think she seems like the kind of person that sees "reason" as a codeword for anti-religion and relativism, something to oppose according to her own ultra-conservative Christian outlook on life.

I could be wrong though.
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