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Default Re: Ridiculous Fox News Claim of the Day: Reason Caused the Holocaust

Originally Posted by Kizzume View Post
You know, I was on another political forum, a TRULY right-wing one, and there was a lady who had basically told me to leave if I didn't like that it was so right wing--I eventually did, but it made me upset that a forum that was supposed to be inviting to all mindsets would be alright with someone telling me to leave. I just think about that and now I think about what you've said here. That's all. Carry on.
Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
I don't want TopCat to leave. His views often run contrary to my own but he isn't as harsh as some others and I dont want them to leave either. We have a good balance just I wish we could disagree w/o being down right nasty.
Kizzume, even if some of us don't come right out and say it, I will.
I truly enjoyed the video you posted earlier.
Watched it in it's entirety.
You speak well!
I enjoy your views even if some of them don't mesh with mine.
What you say about all mindsets hits home.
When I first came here, I'd get into a snit with certain members, but that's not what it's all about really, is it?
It's enjoying getting into what others think and feel about any particular subject or news of the day.

Salty, I feel the same as you.
Don't want Cat to leave.. and he knows that.
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